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Q: For budgeting why does my 'spent' amount increase even though I haven't purchased anything?

A: By default Better Christmas List shows spending based on the gifts you have added to your list. If you would prefer the budget to only update when a gift is purchased the go to the settings page (tap the Bells) and change 'Budget Shows' to 'Gifts Bought'

Q: What is the number at the top-right of the icon on the home screen?

A: This number is a badge that apps can use to inform users of outstanding items. For example the mail app uses it for unread messages. Better Christmas List displays the number of incomplete gifts. If you wish to turn this off, you can do so under the options screen - just set "Gift count on Icon" to false"

Q: What do the different stocking icons next to a persons name mean?

A: The icons represent the state of the gifts for that person. If no gifts have been bought or added the icon is semi-transparent. If gifts have been bought, but are not wrapped/mailed then the icon becomes solid. When all gifts are purchased the icon is complete with decorations.

Q: How can I change my passcode?

A: Go into the options screen (tap the Bell icon) and disable, then enable, the passcode. You will be asked to enter and confirm a new passcode.

Q: Can I add people from my Address Book?

A: Yes. When adding a person tap "Contact" to choose from your address book. The details will be automatically filled in from the person you selected.

Q: How can I save/reset the gifts I added last year so I'm ready for the year ahead?

A: From the settings page (tap the Bells) choose 'Manage Data'. You will now have options to either archive or reset data. Archiving moves all current gifts into the history for each person where they can be referred to in the future. Reset allows you to completely remove gifts, people, or groups.

Q: Are there any limits to the number of people or groups I can add?

A: The only limits are your generosity :)

Q: What are your plans for future updates?

We're not telling :) Frankly we have some great things lined up over the next few months and we'd hate for some other apps to 'borrow' our ideas. So far we've released two updates this year, and we'll be releasing at least as many again between now and December.